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Your current store is SANDIEGO Store. Orders placed are for San Diego area home deliveries only. Curb side pickup service is not available.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the entire list before contacting us


Why is no one answering the phone?

Like all other Grocery Retailers, we are severely understaffed due to COVID-19 pandemic.  We are not able to answer the phone calls as we are busy stocking products and preparing your orders. If you have any question,  that is not answered on our website or in the recorded message on our phone, please send us a message through the Contact Us page on the website or by e-mail to 

Please note that due to increased volume of e-mails AND shortage of staff, it might take up to 24 hours or longer before we reply to your message.  We appreciate your patience.  

Delivery Related Questions

On what days and times do you deliver?   Can I request the delivery on a particular day and/or at a particular time?

Typically we will deliver only on Wednesdays between 8am and 11pm.   We are processing the orders first come, first serve.  At this time, due to shortage of staff, we are not able to accept the requests for the deliveries to be made on a particular day or at a particular time as it complicates the process and needs additional man power.  We hope to accept such requests in future when we have enough staff aboard. 

Can I know when I can get my order delivered?

Currently we are delivering only on  Wednesdays, based on the day your order is placed it might take from 1 to 7 days for delivery. We are usually able to deliver mush faster but cannot foresee issues with fresh produce availability and deliverise from our vendors, hence the large window we have specified for the deliveries. You can estimate when you will receive your order based on our current processing schedule that you can see on our delivery status page. We will try to update this page atleast once a day so we can provide you with the most current information 

How do I know when my order is ready for delivery and can I track the delivery process?

At this time, we can only provide limited information on the progress of your order.Here are the steps involved and the stages when you get notifications:

  1. After receiving your order, we place your order in the processing queue on frist come first serve basis.
  2. After all the items in your order are picked and packed, we proceed to the invoicing step.
  3. When we invoice your order - you will receive an email with the electronic copy of the invoice. It also means that your order will be delivered in the next few hours.
  4. Once the order is invoiced, your shipment is ready for the driver to pick up. When the order is picked up by the driver, you will receive another email and a text message with a link to track the driver.
  5. Finally when the driver drops off the order at your home, you will receive another email/text message notifying that the order has been dropped off.

We cannot assure the reliability of the these email and text messages, hence we follow a few manual steps.

  1. After dropping off the order, Driver rings the door bell if accessible
  2. A paper invoice is included with your delivery so that you can quickly review the items delivered and charges applied.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered? 

Please note that deliveries can take from 1 to 7 days or more.   For more details see our shipping policies page. 

I do not see my zip code in the list of service areas. How do I get service in my area?

Unfortunately we are not able to service all areas at this time.  Please contact us with your address and zip code and we will try our best to extend service to your area.  Please like our Facebook page to get notified when we expand our service area.

Order Related Questions - Changes etc.

Can I cancel my order? / Can I change my order? / Can I add items to my order?

No. Before you place orders on the website, please review the terms of sale here or on the order submission page.  At these difficult times, we want to serve as many families as possible wih their grocery needs.  To effectively use our staff's time and effort in processing as many orders and deliveries as possible each day, we are not accepting cancellations or changes on orders. To help the community stay safe and healthy, we brought up the services of online shopping  and the much-requested home deliveries in record time.  At this time, all our staff are totally consumed in processing the incoming orders and making the home deliveries. Hence we had to make a choice of making the most important services available on our website.  We hope, when situation improves, we will be able to make the cancellation/edit order features available.  

I have an order placed for delivery. Is it possible to add few more items to my order to be delivered with the same order?

Our order processing system doesn’t have  the ability to change orders once placed,  We understand placing another order will be a challenge as we have a $125 minimum,  Please review your order carefully before placing the order as the only way you can add items is by placing a new order or waiting untill the next time you place an order.

What do you do when you run out of an item that is on my order? / How does your brand subsitution work?

From time to time we run out of inventory of certain products. In such cases we reserve the right to provide you with a similar product from a different brand if possible.An example is you have ordered "Deep Toor Dal 2lb", we might substitute with "Laxmi Toor Dal 2lb". Be assured we will not substitute "Toor Dal" with "Urid Dal", or "Whole Dal" with "Split Dal".   Substituting may or may not result in the price charged.  

When we could not fulfill an item, you will not be charged for the item.  You will only be invoiced for the items that are delivered to you.

Fresh Produce and Meat Products Related Questions

What care do you take to deliver the produce in it's fresh state?

We time our deliveries that include produce so that they are delivered to you the same day we receive the produce from our vendors.  We pack them and store them in the coolers until the delivery guy picks them up.  The delivery route will be in such a way that the orders with produce and other persihables are delivered in the quickest possible way.  However, there could be unexpected delays like not being able to locate your unit in the apartment building or gate code not working etc.  Disclaimer is that while we try our best to deliver the produce in its freshest state, due to delays not in our control, it may not be as perfect as when you bought it at our store and drove it straight home yourself.  When you place an order online for produce or perishables for home delivery, you are accepting the above explained risk.

Are your Poulty and Meats Halal - Hand-slaughtered  ?

All meat and chicken(poultry) in our store is ZABIHA HALAL
Tahir: Hand-slaughtered chicken (Breast, Tenders, Whole Chicken Drumsticks, Thigh Boneless, Thigh Bone-In, Wings)
No animal byproducts from Pork or Fish are used in the feed of Tahir brand Chickens.
All red meat producs  - goat and lamb are Zabiha Halal

Credit Card Related Questions

My credit card is charged for the full amount of the order, but I did not receive all items, when will I receive the credit? 

Please see the credit card charges page.

I was invoiced for an item that I did not receive, how can I get credit for it?

We apologize for the error. We do save the paper trail at every step of your order fulfillment.  Please send an e-mail to or using the Contact Us page on our website, with the details of the items missing.  We will review our records and issue refund for the items missing.

Miscellaneous Questions

Why do I see the message that the online shopping temporarily disabled on your website?  /  Why am I not able to place order on your website?

We are receiving more orders than we can handle with the man power we have at this time.  Once we receive the maximum number of orders we can pick, pack and delivery in a day, we are having to throttle the number of orders we accept. We will be turning on and off the ability to place orders on the website intermittently based on the number of order we have on hand and what we would be able to deliver in a reasonable time frame.  We want to avoid the situation of you place an order and wait unreasonable period of time to receive your order.  

We are constantly trying to hire, but not able to, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope the staffing situation will improve soon, and we will be able to provide the online shopping and Home delivry services without any interruptions.

What is your return policy on items home delivered or picked up curbside?

Due to COVID-19 exposure concerns,  we cannot accept returns once the itmes are delivered to you or picked up curbside. 

Why is curbside pickup not available as an option in the checkout process?

We temporarily stopped taking curbside pickup orders as we have a huge volume of home delivery orders to be served.  Most customers are preferring home delivery service over curbside pickup.  Please like of follow our Facebook page to get notified when we resume curbside pickup service.

Will I be charged for bags?

There is no bag fee, we are providing bags as complimentary service.

Is the store open for walk in customers? Is your kitchen open and serving hot foods?

Store is open for sale of all groceries from 10:00AM to 10:00PM seven days a week. All customers are required to wear face masks and gloves when coming to store. We request that only one person per family visit the store.
Out kitchen is open and we are currently offering only Take Outs.

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