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Your current store is SANDIEGO Store. Orders placed are for San Diego area home deliveries only. Curb side pickup service is not available.

Credit Card Charges and Authorizations

We will only authorize your credit card for the full amount of the order at the time you place the order online. At this time the chrages are pending.
When your shipment is packed and ready for delivery, we invoice you for only the items that are packed and capture only that part of funds.

For example:

if your order has 10 items with a total of $100 and we only give you 8 items for a total of $80

Initial authorization will be for $100, but at the time of invoicing, only $80 would be captured. 

If your are looking at your credit card online activity, you will initally see an authorization for $100 - some credit card accounts show this as pending charges.

Once we invoice, this charge will disappear from the pending charges and the final charge of $80 will appear in the recent activity section of the credit card.

The charge update on your online account might take a few days depending on how your credit card processor updates their system.

This is same process is followed by all e-commerce portals including Amazon. Please review the above before calling us for explanation of how your credit card reports pending charges and authorizations.. 

Please give a few days for your credit card account to update fully before contacting us regarding charges. You will also be able to see the initial authorization transaction and the final settlement charge in the MY ACCOUNT area of our website. 

All curbside pickup or delivery orders have to be paid by credit card in advance, Returns or exchanges are NOT accepted, at this time. Please see the terms of the sale before placing the order. 

The terms are quiet restrictive and unfortunately we cannot be any more flexible due to shortage of staff at this time. An order once placed cannot be changed or cancelled. 

If you still have a question, please fill the Contact Us form on our website or send an e-mail to

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