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Pickles and Paste

Pickles and Paste

  1. Maggi Hot&sweet front

    Maggi Hot & Sweet Sauce 600Gms


    Maggi hot and sweet sauce has a chatpata taste! It is made with sugar, tomato paste, chilies, salt, spices and garlic powder. It has the goodness of tomatoes and the spicy chillies. Both combined together makes it an amazing topping for sandwiches and dip for samosas, kachoris and cutlets. Try This bottle of Maggo hot and sweet today and relish it with hot samosas/pakoras. Quantity: 600 grams Learn More
  2. Maggi_Tomato_Chilli_Sauce_front

    Maggi Tomato Chilli Sauce 400 Gms


    Maggi tomato chilli sauce is made with fresh tomatoes and chillies combined with other autnetic spices. Maggi tomato chilli sauce can be used for cooking purposes as well as dip/ topping,etc. Quantity: 400 grams Learn More
  3. Maggi Tomato Sause front

    Maggi Tomato Sauce 500 Gms


    Maggi tomato ketchup is made from tomatoes, ginger, garlic, salt,and sugar. It is the most favorite condiment in India. Maggi tomato sauce is used as topping on sandwiches, pakoras, samosas, etc. It tastes lordly when eaten with crispy, savory items like the ones mentioned. So, try this Maggi tomato sauce today with your favorite hot and crispy onion pakoras! Quantity: 500 Grams Learn More
  4. Patak's Tikka paste front

    Patak's Tikka Paste 283 Gms


    "As opposed to a Tikka Masala, which is a curry, a Tikka is a dry dish (sort of like a Tandoori) - basically marinated meat or veggies usually served on a skewer. Our Tikka paste combines authentic spices with paprika, cumin, ginger, garlic and tamarind, and blended with yogurt, it makes a delicious marinade. Tantalisingly tasty when used on meat, seafood & vegetables and grilled." Source: Quantity: 283 grams Learn More
  5. Maggi tomato ketchup - front

    Maggi tomato ketchup 600Gms


    Maggi tomato ketchup Learn More

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