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Here you will find mouth watering spices!

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  1. Coriander powder 400g

    Coriander powder 400g


    Coriander powder Quantity: 200g Learn More
  2. Laxmi coriander powder front

    Coriander powder 2LB


    Coriander powder Quantity: 200g Learn More
  3. Mustard Powder

    Mustard powder 200G


    Mustard powder 100G Learn More
  4. Ajinomotto 100grams

    Ajinomotto 100G


    AJINAMOTTO 100G Learn More
  5. Alsi powder 200grams

    Alsi powder 200G


    Alsi is used in the preparation of dry chutney powder and eaten as a side dish with many other dishes. It helps lower cholestrol Alsi powder 200G Learn More
  6. Black pepper powder 100grams

    Black pepper powder 100G


  7. Black pepper powder 200grams

    Black pepper powder 200G


  8. Clove powder 200grams

    Clove powder 200G


    CLOVE POWDER 200G Clove Powder. Cloves are the immature unopened flower buds of a tropical tree. The large end of the clove is the four-pointed flower bud. Bouquet: Warm, pungent and aromatic Flavour: Sweetly pungent, astringent and strongly aromatic. Culinary Uses: Cloves can easily overpower a dish, particularly when ground, so only a few need be used. Learn More
  9. Cumin powder 100grams

    Cumin powder 100G


    CUMIN POWDER 100G Learn More
  10. Cumin powder 200G

    Cumin powder 200G


    CUMIN POWDER 200G Learn More
  11. R-Pure cumin powder

    Cumin powder 400G


    CUMIN POWDER 400G Learn More
  12. Garlic powder 200grams

    Garlic powder 200G


    GARLIC POWDER 200G Learn More
  13. Ginger powder 200G

    Ginger powder 200G


    GINGER POWDER 200G Learn More
  14. Javentri powder 100 grams

    Javentri powder 100G


    JAVENTHRI POWDER 100G Mace is an excellent way to flavor sweet and savory dishes. However, like a bay leaf, the mace blade would have to be removed before serving. Mace is a bit more delicate in flavor than nutmeg but they can be used interchangeably. The flattened and dried pieces of mace are called "blades" and may be substituted for mace powder. Learn More
  15. Deep methi powder 200grams

    Methi powder 200G


    Methi is one of the essential ingredients of Indian cooking. It enhances the flavor of the dish and makes it extremely tasty and healthy. It is used to make masalas used in the preparations of curries, dals, and other side dishes. It helps in lowering cholstrol, curing skin related problems and also treating diabetes. METHI POWDER 200G Learn More
  16. Coriander Cumin Powder 400G

    Coriander Cumin Powder 400G


    CORIAND-CUMMIN PWD 400G Learn More
  17. Coriander Cumin Powder 800G

    Coriander Cumin Powder 800G


    CORIAND-CUMMIN PWD 800G Learn More
  18. Crushed Red Chilly 200 GMS

    Crushed Red Chilly 200 GMS


  19. Deep Black Salt 3.5OZ

    Deep Black Salt 3.5OZ


    DEEP BLACK SALT 3.5OZ Kala Namak or Black Salt is a special type of Indian mineral salt. It is actually pinkish grey rather than black and has a very distinctive sulfurous mineral taste. This Black Salt is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment and is added to chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian snacks. The 'Black salt' is collected from deep mines in India in black-brown salt blocks and contains several important minerals, including iron and sulfur. Kala Namak is used sparingly in the preparation of raitas, yogurt dishes, salads, and even fruit salads. Also a welcome addition as a finishing salt to fried noodle and rice dishes. Learn More
  20. Deep Citric Acid 4OZ

    Deep Citric Acid 4OZ


    DEEP CITRIC ACID 4OZ A naturally occurring, tart tasting compound is a natural, odourless and colourless crystalline substance with a pleasantly refreshing acidulous taste. It is extracted from the juices of the fruits to be made into a white powder that is used as a flavoring in foods and beverages. Learn More
  21. Deep Edible Gum 100 GMS

    Deep Edible Gum 100 GMS


    DEEP EDIBLE GUM 100 GMS Learn More
  22. Deep Fennel Powder 200G

    Deep Fennel Powder 200G


    DEEP FENNEL PWD 200G Learn More
  23. Deep Panch Puran 3.5OZ

    Deep Panch Puran 3.5OZ


    DEEP PANCH PURAN 3.5OZ Learn More
  24. Paprica 200 GMS

    Paprica 200 GMS


    PAPRICA 200 GMS Learn More
  25. Deep cardemom powder front

    Cardemom powder 100G


    Cardamom has a rich and elegant taste. It is the most vital ingredient in the preparation of Indian food. It blends the health benefits and the goodness of rich flavors to create the most fantabulous taste ever. Quantity: 100G Learn More

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